About - Luten Creative

Howdy!  I'm Andy Luten and I'm a Dallas-based photographer and writer who captures not only a photograph but also a feeling.

Whether it's at the shores of Lake Bled or behind the lens at a local CrossFit affiliate, I've crafted vibrant, impactful, and dramatic images in a variety of photographic disciplines for my clients and friends.  I've worked with many clients, from large construction companies to local architects, and my work has been featured in diverse publications such as Travel+Leisure.

Many have found my travel photography via my semi-famous travel blog, Andy's Travel Blog.  Others through seeing my iconic Dallas Skyline or Hong Kong Sunrise prints on a wall at a friend's house.  Still others through my thriving and diverse Instagram feed.

However you found me, I want you to be glad you did.  Feel free to check my favorite Portfolioa butout ofimageslook,my, , or even visit the Store for prints of some of your favorite images.

Thanks for stopping by!


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